House Of Torment

Come experience the world-famous House of Torment Haunted House! This is Austin’s legendary Halloween event, and Halloween comes alive here!


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The Boogeyman
As a child, it’s difficult to avoid the fear of something lurking under the bed or in the closet. …Everything is always more frightening in the dark. But, what if he was real? The monster in the darkness, The Boogeyman. What if the belief in him is what makes him real? What if generations of people before us were telling the truth about these monsters, and no one believed us? This is the story of the Jensen family massacre on Blackthorn Drive.

Laughing place

Biological hallucinogen Lmf-a0 was unleashed in the 1950s, causing victims to see extreme colors and clown-like apparitions. We are testing new ways to filter this weapon at certain facilities. Hades Corps is always on the cutting edge of safety for humanity. With your help and experience, we will get this epidemic under control!

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Escape games
Come and experience something new with Mini Escape Games! You and your group will enter a room and have just five minutes to use the clues and riddles hidden around the room in order to meet the objective. With the clock ticking down, can you stay calm and escape? Games cost just $5 per person, whether you play onsite or online.

Axe throwing competition

Get to know a 1.5lb piece of spinning wood and metal as you learn, practice, and then finally go head to head at Class Axe Throwing!

Torment tavern

You must be 21+ to enter. IDs will be checked on site. There will be a concession stand with a bar available for 21+ patrons. You can enjoy spooky drinks at the Torment Tavern before or after experiencing the haunted house!

About the Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group

As the world’s largest Halloween-themed entertainment company, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group operates in over 15 locations nationwide. We provide a premier haunted house experience that is unmatched by any other.

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