Statesman Bat Observation Center: A Lone Star Destination

The Statesman Bat Observation Center in Austin, TX, is a top tourist destination. Visitors come to the Statesman Bat Observation Center for many reasons, such as seeing bats and learning about these creatures that are so important to our ecosystem. Statesman Bat Observation Center is open year-round and offers opportunities for all interest levels in bats. This blog post will provide you with some information on Statesman Bat Observation Center and what you can find there. Visit this link for more information.

Statesman Bat Center is a must-see for people who love nature and the outdoors. This destination sits on 200 acres of prime Texas Hill Country, making it an ideal place to take in some stunning views while learning about the state’s wildlife. The center also features two miles worth of trails that are perfect for enjoying during the day or at night when you can experience over 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerging from under one roof. Read about Zilker Park in Austin, TX: A Guide for Visitors here.

Statesman Bat Observation Center is a bat-viewing observatory located on the shores of Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, Texas. The facility offers visitors an opportunity to learn about bats and observe them flying outside at twilight through large glass windows. The Travel Channel has recognized statesman Bat Observation Center as one of America’s best family attractions for children’s field trips. There are various programs that kids can participate in, including “Batty Crafty” workshops. They use recycled items to make their crafts related to bats or other animals found locally. Visitors also have access to interactive education to find information regarding the bats found worldwide. Statesman Bat Observation Center is open to visitors during afternoons on weekdays and for groups on weekends.