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Triniti™ Skin Series

Reversing Father Time

It’s safe to say that we all enjoy the knowledge and wisdom that comes with growing older. On the flip side though, many of us don’t always enjoy ‘looking the part’ – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. It’s only natural to want to look as youthful and vibrant as you feel on the inside. Nobody wants to come off as tired or “past their prime” when they are, in fact, full of zest and energy. With significant advancements in laser technology that makes restoring the natural glow of your 20s a simple, nonsurgical process, it’s perfectly reasonable to take advantage of today’s laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

Triniti™ Skin Series – A Comprehensive Approach

The Triniti™ Skin Series is a fantastic option for those looking to address multiple skin issues simultaneously. This advanced treatment utilizes 3 different technologies to dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging. Everything from skin tone, skin texture, and even wrinkles are covered in just 1 treatment session. Three of the most innovated technologies are used to achieve beautiful skin with minimal to no downtime. Wrinkles are reduced, skin tightening is observed and the texture of skin is smoother, luminous and toned. The number of sessions you require varies depending on your unique skin condition.

What Is Triniti™ Skin Series?

Triniti™ Skin Series is a sequence of treatments that work to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen production and new skin cell growth. This comprehensive skin care program addresses the following visible signs of facial aging:

The Three Steps of Triniti™

The Triniti™ Skin Series utilizes a three stage process, each stage important in its own defined way. The separate phases work together to restore a more youthful look to skin with long-term results. The major benefit of this program is that each treatment is accomplished through completely non-surgical methods, all performed within the same visit to our medical spa.

Renew™ – During the first phase of treatment, uneven skin color is addressed, diminishing the appearance of age spots, spider veins and sun damage. A specialized skin rejuvenation applicator is used to target both pigmented and vascular lesions. As the unwanted spot absorbs the heat energy, the pigment (or blood vessel) breaks apart and is absorbed back into the body. The result is a more even and overall clearer skin complexion.

Refirme™ – The second stage of treatment addresses skin laxity and fine lines. During the skin tightening phase, a combination of gentle pulsed infrared light and bipolar radio frequency (RF) are used to generate deep dermal heating. This process stimulates long term collagen synthesis as well as existing collagen fibers, causing the skin to appear immediately firmer.

Matrix IR™ – The third and final phase in the Triniti™ Skin Series is the targeted treatment of deeper wrinkles and skin texture. This stage is called Matrix IR Focused Remodeling and delivers focused energy to selected regions of the face. This is done to promote fast collagen renewal and remodeling, creating a smoother and silkier skin texture.

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