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Two convenient locations in Austin:

> 630 West 34th St, Suite 205                    > 3220 Feathergrass Ct, Suite 132


(512) 599-8672

Advanced Chemical Peels in Austin

Your skin loses its glow, its youthful appearance, and its elasticity over time. This is part of the natural aging process, but there is no need for you to suffer the effects of time’s passage. Chemical peels can help you rejuvenate the skin on your face, and over other areas of your body, offering a more youthful appearance, and the deep, healthy glow that you deserve.

What Are Chemical Peels?

A chemical peel is a topical solution made up of different chemicals, specifically combined to deliver the results you would like to see. Unlike many cosmetic treatments, the chemical peel does not hide behind its name. It does exactly as it implies. A chemical peel literally peels away layers of this skin. While that might sound a bit scary, if you understand the science behind it, it makes a little more sense.

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels work by taking advantage of the body’s natural biological process that is continually at work. We are constantly shedding our skin, even if we don’t realize it. In fact, we shed our entire skin about once a month as the body makes new skin cells to replace the older, damaged ones.

The oldest and most damaged cells form the top-most layer of skin – the layer that is most visible. Beneath this layer are younger, healthier cells. The deeper you go, the younger and healthier these cells are.

The natural skin-shedding process occurs constantly – your body sheds old skin cells all the time. These cells are replaced by newer, younger cells from the layer of skin underneath the old ones.

A chemical peel essentially supercharges this process by accelerating the removal of the outermost layers of skin and promoting new cell growth. The acids within the peel work to chemically loosen the “glue” that binds the dead and damaged cells, activating the exfoliation process and allowing healthier skin cells to surface.

The result? Younger, healthier, glowing skin with fewer wrinkles and signs of aging.

Understanding The Benefits Of Chemical Peels

You’ll discover a wide range of benefits with chemical peels that go beyond what most patients assume prior to experiencing a treatment with us. Some of the benefits that you’ll notice include:

  • Immediate Rejuvenation: While some cosmetic products can mimic the results of this treatment over time, chemical peels offer almost immediate rejuvenation of your face, neck, hands and other areas on your body. Why wait? Why struggle with messy lotions and other products that may or may not work as advertised? Chemical peels are proven to work and deliver immediate results.
  • Line Reduction: One of the most common signs of aging is the development of fine lines around the corners of the eyes and mouth. Crow’s feet and laugh lines might be part of normal aging, but that does not mean you need to suffer silently. Chemical peels can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Wrinkle Reduction: Wrinkles naturally develop over time as our skin ages and through sun damage. Chemical peels can remove the outermost, damaged layers of skin, allowing younger layers to shine through and enhance your youthful appearance.
  • Scar Reduction: Do you suffer from acne scars on your face? Perhaps there are scars on other areas of your body that cause you embarrassment. Chemical peels can help to reduce the visibility of scars by removing the outermost layer of skin. Note that chemical peels are ideal for mild scarring, but not for severe scarring.
  • Age Spots: Are you seeing the beginnings of age spots on your hands, arms, and face? If so, a chemical peel can be the ideal solution, allowing you to remove those signs of aging and regain your youthful appearance.
  • Dark Patches: Melasma, or dark patches on the skin, can be caused by any number of issues, including sun exposure, pregnancy and even the use of birth control. Chemical peels can be used to reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin.
  • Youthful Feel: The aging process robs our skin of elasticity and vigor, but chemical peels not only remove the aged outer layer but stimulate the rejuvenation process, resulting in a younger appearance and a more youthful feel for your skin.
  • Sun Damage: While not applicable to all cases, chemical peels can help reduce the appearance of sun damage to your skin.

Am I A Good Fit For Chemical Peels?

Most patients are good fits for the chemical peel process. However, patients with darker skin may not see the same results as those with fairer skin, depending on the conditions you are attempting to treat. We recommend contacting us for a full consultation in order to determine whether a chemical peel is a right solution for your needs, or if you would benefit from a different skin rejuvenation procedure.

Renew your skin’s glow with advanced chemical peel treatments performed at our Austin medical spa. Personique On The Spot offers an extensive menu of chemical peels that utilize a unique synthesis of acids and retinol to stimulate cellular turnover.

Our Range Of Chemical Peels

Knowing Your Treatment Options

We offer a wide assortment of chemical peels varying in intensity and strength, proving gentle exfoliation and others delivering more intense, deep exfoliating effects. Explore the different chemical peel options available to you at Personique On The Spot below.

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