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Injection Treatment Patients

I’ve been to this location three times now. Once for a peel, another time for lip injections and Botox, and then again today for fillers. THEY ARE AMAZING! Friendly. Professional. Knowledgeable. Just amazing. I’m treated with the utmost respect when I go in and the injectionist listens to what I want and offers her advice (9years in the biz? I’m definitely listening to her suggestions!). They don’t try and over pressure you into extra procedures or products, but when you ask, they know their stuff. I always leave this place knowing that I’m going to look amazing, and I feel beautiful just being under their care. Brilliant place. I’m a forever customer, for sure.

Injection 1

Dr. Sheridan, I just wanted to take the time to “thank you” for the wonderful job you did on my, nasal laugh lines. I have to admit, before I went in, I was very skeptical that the Juvederm would not remove my laugh lines. But low in behold to my surprise, they are gone! I was also scared to death of the pain, and there was no pain at all. You made me feel very comfortable, and answered all my questions. Before my injections, I really did not care to look at my face much, but now I don’t mind it at all! I would very highly recommend you to friends and family. You did an amazing job! Again, thank you!

Injection 2

Hi Briana!
I wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you for your and Dr. Sheridan’s services earlier! I am very happy with the results, in fact the best I have ever have! Thank you again and be sure to tell Dr. Sheridan as well!

Injection 3

Body Contouring Patients

I was very hesitant after my first vela treatment. I had vela done somewhere else prior to coming to Personique and had not experienced bruising. I came in for my second treatment and spoke with Briana about my hesitation. She was EXTREMELY accommodating and answered all my questions. She also explained that corporate places use a much lower setting as their protocol, which translates to needing more treatments at more money…so I am so impressed that Personique has not only a very knowledgeable manager who is very customer oriented, but also that they are giving you your money’s worth of treatment. I’m now on my third treatment and beyond thrilled with the results that I’m seeing in a much shorter amount of time (and money)! I will absolutely use them again for both vela and other treatments – it is very reassuring when you find a place that is both customer oriented and a value for your dollars! They are wonderful and I can’t say enough about the manager Briana – she is awesome with people and has been doing vela a long time – she knows what she is doing!

Body Contouring 1

I was very skeptical in the beginning of the process but after completing the final treatment and hearing the before and after measurements I am pleasantly surprised. I am looking forward to seeing results of the next area to be treated.

Body Contouring 2

My technician was Sara. She was very sweet, informative and made me feel at ease. This was the first Velashape appointment I had, and she was AWESOME. She explained what side effects I might have & what to expect. She even called me the next day to see how I was doing. Thank you Sara!

Body Contouring 3

I have to admit that I was very skeptical on the i lipo procedure but when she took my measurements at the start of my appointment and I had lost an inch after only one session I am excited to see the total results!

Body Contouring 4

Sarah was very nice and made me feel very comfortable.

Body Contouring 5

I am pleased with still seeing results and only half way through the procedures.

Body Contouring 6

Sarah is wonderful and the service is excellent. I am looking forward to seeing my results.

Body Contouring 7

Jess was my technician for my velashape. She was great. Sweet, informative, helpful. Your staff is wonderful! =)

Body Contouring 8

I have had three procedures and I am very happy when I see the results in my measurements proving the success of i lipo.

Body Contouring 9

Skin Rejuvenation Patients

Brianna was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She made getting my face lasered a good time.

Skin Rejuv 1

Hair Removal Patients

As always, a comfortable and great experience.

Hair Removal 1

I’m very excited about my up coming appointments.

Hair Removal 2

So good that I have another appt. scheduled for next week! I’ve needed a bit of ‘taking care of me’ time.

Hair Removal 3

Jessie was great, she answered all my questions and helped me understand what to expect. I’m a repeat customer of Personique, and I think that says a lot!

Hair Removal 4

Staff Reviews

Sara was great! =)

Staff Review 1

The technician was nice.

Staff Review 2

Very professional and informative.

Staff Review 3

Great service….staff was friendly and helpful.

Staff Review 4

Briana was my technician. She was really, really great! 🙂

Staff Review 5

It’s always a good experience. The team is so kind and caring about the patients.

Staff Review 6

Friendly, courteous & professional staff – looking forward to my upcoming procedure.

Staff Review 7

Very personable, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Very prompt on getting after hour questions answered.

Staff Review 8