Why A Chemical Peel Is Just Right For The Summer Season

By Personique

Many of us think of chemical peels as treatments limited to the facial area, but they are actually done on many parts of the body. As the summer season approaches and most of us hope to look our very best, it is a good idea to consider the many benefits of a chemical peel for the face and body.

First, though, let’s understand just what any sort of chemical peel is and what it does. The word “peel” is a good choice for the treatment because that is really what occurs. Rather than actually removing skin, though, a chemical peel is designed to speed up the skin’s natural process of shedding cells.

In essence, any chemical peel causes the outermost skin cells (usually the ones guilty of giving the skin a dull, lined or uneven appearance) to be quickly shed. This sends a message to the newer cells, deeper in the skin, to make their way to the surface. So, instead of waiting 30 days for some of these healthier and more youthful cells to appear, the peel makes it happen in a matter of days. However, that is not where the benefits of a chemical peel end.

In addition to bonding to those dead or aged cells and removing them during the actual treatment (like an exfoliant), chemical peels cause the skin to rejuvenate. This means that it is cued to produce a bit more elastin and to generate healthier cells. Generally, our patients throughout Austin, TX who receive chemical peels on the face, neck, and body can see almost immediate improvements as well as positive changes over the long term.

The skin will be less lined and wrinkled, pigmentation is evened out (including age spots and melasma or darker patches of skin), and scars will even improve their general appearance. Skin is more youthful in its look and feel, and this is something most of us would appreciate during the summer season.

Choosing a Body Peel

If you want the most comprehensive changes and improvements for the summer months; a time when you bare your arms, wear shorts or bathing suits, and expose the skin of the legs and more, a body peel is a great option. It is going to improve the texture of the skin from head to toe and bring such benefits as:

  • Reduce or minimize the look of stretch marks
  • Minimize the appearance of scarring, including acne scars
  • Even out the pigmentation
  • Reduce any visible signs of sun damage and aging

If you usually find yourself sighing at the thought of the summer season, and it is due to issues with the way your skin looks, the body peel is a great resource. Reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the legs and arms, even out the texture to a more youthful look and confidently wear garments that you once hesitated to put on because of skin issues. If you like the idea of a face and body peel to start the summer season, contact the experts at Personique On the Spot Laser Center in Austin, TX today for a consultation and customized treatment plan.

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