How Do Chemical Peels Work?

By Personique

Do you want to have a more youthful and healthier appearance to your skin? Would you like to have fewer wrinkles and wow others with your glowing skin? You do not need a time machine to make this happen. Instead, you need to consider getting a chemical peel. These peels are quite commonplace today, and they could be just what you have been looking for to get the gorgeous skin that you deserve and to reduce the signs of aging. Of course, before you decide that you are going to undergo this type of treatment, you will want to learn more about how chemical peels work.

The body goes through a shedding process on its own all the time. We are constantly shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with new. People shed all of their skin once per month and the new skin cells replace the old. This means that the skin cells that are on the top layer of skin are the oldest, and these are the ones that have had the most damage to them. When you go through a chemical peel, it will reveal the layers of skin that are beneath. These are the healthier and more youthful looking layers. The deepest layers are the youngest. The peel just speeds up the natural process of skin cells being shed.

Types of Peels

There are typically going to be a few different types or levels of chemical peel. The light peel, sometimes called a superficial peel, is going to remove the top layer of the skin. This is a fast and simple way to give your skin a fresh and brighter look. It can help to remove the appearance of wrinkles and it can help to remove or at least lessen the appearance of scars from acne. These are a good option for many, and there is typically no recovery time associated with them.

A medium peel will often utilize trichloroacetic acid. This is a deeper option than the light peel, and it will exfoliate the damaged skin cells on the outer and the middle layers of your skin. They can penetrate deeper, and they might be a better option for some who are seeking treatment. There is typically a small amount of recovery time for this procedure.

The deep peels are, naturally, the strongest type of peel possible. This means that they will have more noticeable results, and they can work to remove scarring, wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and more. The recovery time for the procedure is longer than with the other types of peels.

What Is the Process?

The basic process of the peels is simple. First, the specialist is going to cleanse the skin before starting the treatment. In the case of deep peels, an anesthetic is generally applied. The specialist will then add the peeling solution, and after the appropriate amount of time has passed for the peel, they will neutralize and remove it. The length of the process can vary, as can the results.

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